Introduction to Hair Perming

Posted by admin - April 20th, 2010

Perms are defined as permanent waves, curls or straight hair that are achieved due to chemical or thermal treatment of hair (perming). It’s true that today people expect more from perming than than just waves or curls. They want texture, more volume, lift, and body of their hair. In other words we are speaking about general and all-inclusive enhancing of hairstyle.

Apart from practical skills, a nice perm depends also on hairdressers ability to make the right decisions about hair before perming and during the process. Therefore, it is essential to accomplish diagnostic tests before you start. It will help to choose and use proper treatments, tools, equipment and techniques. Moreover, it also minimizes occurrence of unpredictable effects, conditions and problems.

Before perming you should also make a careful scalp and hair analysis, because it is necessary to be sure that there are no contra-indications such as infectious and non-infectious disorders or conditions of scalp and hair: scalp abrasions, cuts, psoriasis, hair loss, headlice, etc. Also hair should be strong and healthy enough to carry out perming.

In the majority of cases hair will need cutting. It is important because in order to make new perms you should either to re-style your hair or to remove any previous perms. Cutting can be done either before or even after perming, it’s a matter of your choice. If you use perming for more fanciful results such as increasing hair volume, it is recommended to curl the hair into style prior to winding, because this will allow you to determine precisely where lift, texture and movement are needed within the hairstyle.

The stylist should explain to the client what is needed to achieve the desirable result. In course of consultation the hairdresser should discuss the amount of time that the client will need to spend on the arrangement and upkeep of the new hairstyle. As a matter of fact, large and smooth curls and waves won’t last as long as traditional perms. Also discuss how the client can maintain the new hairstyle at home using common shampoos and hairstyling and hair care products, equipment and tools.

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